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Kasich, Sandoval, Alaska governor oppose new ObamaCare repeal bill (0)

A bipartisan group of governors including Republicans John Kasich (Ohio) and Brian Sandoval (Nevada) is urging the Senate to reject the latest ObamaCare repeal effort, The Hill writes. In a


How the Trump administration is reshaping health care — without Congress (0)

While Congress tussles over Obamacare, the Trump administration is quietly pressing ahead with plans to gut major Obama-era rules and relax federal oversight of swaths of the health care industry,


Orrin Hatch Introduces Medical Marijuana Bill (0)

Senator Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, took to the Senate Floor in Washington D.C. Wednesday to introduce a bill that would allow research into medical marijuana, Fox reports. He did so with


Last-Ditch Repeal Plan Would Keep Obamacare’s Biggest Taxes (0)

Senate Republican leaders’ renewed Obamacare repeal-and-replace effort — in the form of the bill authored by senators Lindsey Graham and Bill Cassidy — maintains the largest tax hikes imposed by the 2010 law,


These 4 Free Market Reforms Will Solve The Healthcare Crisis Without The Negatives Of Obamacare (0)

While Democrats champion the Affordable Care Act, some moderate Republicans are too worried to fully repeal the bill fearing that some individuals will lose coverage, The Federalist writes. The ACA did,


Why Bernie’s Universal Healthcare System Would Be A Disaster (0)

This past week, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont proclaimed in a New York Times op-ed that the time has come to create a program of “Medicare for all,” a government-run


Misguided regulation helped create the drug price crisis (0)

We should have seen the drug price crisis coming, The Hill writes. Over thirty years ago Robert Bork, chief architect of modern antitrust law, warned “predation by abuse of government

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Patients frustrated, vulnerable after medical records left in Denver alley (0)

Patients said they felt frustrated and vulnerable after learning their medical records were left in a Denver alley, a move a chiropractor responsible for the files called an accident, Fox31


Marketplace Heavyweight Anthem Weighs Retreating From More States (0)

Anthem Inc. said it may pull back from more state Obamacare markets even as U.S. lawmakers debate steps to shore up the health law, Bloomberg writes. The health insurer is


Out-of-Pocket Costs for Specialty Drugs Rise 16% Under Obamacare (0)

Costs for specialty drugs in Obamacare plans that must be paid for by the consumer increased 16% from 2016 to 2017, according to HealthPocket – Newsline writes. “Compared to the coinsurance